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UL Listed Industrial Control Panel

Custom Control Panels

As a reputable UL508A Panel Shop, ESL has had the opportunity to build electrical control panels for a variety of industries. Whether specifications call for a standard build or are highly customized, our turnkey panel shop provides customers with a well-built end product that is completed on time and within budget.

PLC Panel

PLC Panels

Process Control Panel

Process Control Panels

Hazardous Locations Panel

Hazardous Locations Panels

instrument panel

Instrument Panels

Custom Shelters

Custom Shelters

termination box

Junction/Termination Boxes

pneumatic panel

Pneumatic Panels

Realy panel

Relay Panels

Marshalling Panel

Marshalling Panels

compressor panel thumbnail

Compressor Panels

Analyzer Panel Thumbnail

Analyzer Panels

Communication Cabinet Thumbnail

Network/Communication Cabinets

Operator Control Stations

Operator Control Stations

VFD Panel

VFD Panels

Remote Terminal Units

Remote Terminal Units

Mimic Panel

Mimic Panels

Wayside Control Panels

Wayside Control Panels

PV(solar) Combiner Boxes

PV (solar) Combiner Boxes